All LNS students are encouraged to read widely as a way of improving their literacy, learning about the world and understanding themselves. We have a well stocked library of over 8000 books including resources carefully selected to support the curriculum as well as wide range of fiction and graphic novels to read for pleasure.

Students are able to use the library in their own time, before and after school, at break and lunchtimes. A range of curriculum areas use the library for resource based lessons and there are numerous activities offered throughout the year to encourage an enthusiasm for literature. The library is staffed by a full-time qualified librarian who is available to support students with homework and reading suggestions.  Please do get in touch in you would like any advice or recommendations for books your son might like to read.

Angela Suter (Librarian)

Encouraging reading at home is one of the easiest and most effective ways to support your son in his learning. There are many excellent websites with advice on reading and book recommendations.  Below are links to some of the best:

Love Reading 4 Kids website

This site recommends books by age range and allows you to download and print off sample chapters to try.  It is possible to sign up for a free monthly newsletter which is an easy way keep up to date with the latest children’s fiction.

Reading Zone Website

Reading zone is a very accessible website which recommends books according to age range. It also has a free monthly email newsletter.

National Literacy Trust Website

The spinebreakers website focuses on is more demanding reads so is the perfect resource for older students or those who want to challenge themselves.

Book Trust Website

Book trust offers a wealth of advice on supporting reading at all ages from baby through to adult.  This site is an easy way to find out about prize winning books and shortlists. Be sure to check out their excellent book finder function which suggests books by age range and theme.