Heritage Information & News

Thank you for visiting our School Heritage page. Much work has been done over the last year pulling together as much of the school memorabilia, documents and artifacts as possible; cataloguing them all and in some cases preserving the older more fragile items.

The school has generously allocated a room to preserve our collection in (albeit in a basement!!)... and we have some wonderful old artifacts of the schools days gone by; from charts to tin whistles,  thank you letters from Royalty, maps and plans of the lost buildings on the site, legal documents, innumerable photographs of the pupils and a good number of the staff and a few, but by no means all we are sure, trophies awarded as a result of the sporting excellence of the boys. 

We are always on the lookout for artifacts or personal recollections that relate to the local area, school or maritime industry (especially in respect to relationships to the Alumni) to add to our collection.

In particular we have gaps in our collection in the following areas: 

  1. Memorabilia, documents or artifacts relating to the pre war existence of the school as the "Rotherhithe Nautical School" 

  2. Information about TS Exmouth

  3. Information about London Nautical School & our relationship with Woolverstone Hall School in Suffolk

  4. Information about the evacuations of the school to Hailsham, Ferryside and then to New Quay in Wales

  5. Pictures from the school history, especially the John Rennie Primary School (Broadwall site), Silwood Street, Galleywall Road, Rotherhithe New Road school and Comber Grove in Camberwell

  6. Information about Ethelm House (Waterloo) & a second Annex site in the London Bridge area possibly at the John Harvard Primary School on what was then Orange Street

  7. Text and pupils exercise books from days gone by.

  8. Trophies, artifacts and memorabilia we can add to our collection

So please do contact us with anything you may feel will add to our schools history and we will preserve your contributions hopefully for ever !!...

If you would be interested in accessing the collection please email Rob Melia (sbm@lns.org.uk)