ASC Resource Base

The London Nautical School is dedicated to Inclusion and is constantly developing its support structures to meet the needs of its pupils and the local community. In 2014 Lambeth SEN consulted with LNS in the setting up of a specialist ASC Resource Base, to further increase the levels of inclusion. The Autistic Spectrum Condition Resource Base opened in September 2015 with 3 students.

The ASC Provision at The London Nautical School is a unit within the school that offers help and support for children with an EHCP where the main need is Autism. Our ASC Provision team includes specialist ASC teaching assistants, a HLTA and the ASC Lead (Assistant SENCo).

All of our staff have extensive knowledge and training on autism and inclusion. The vision of our centre is that all students feel included and accepted, which will empower them to participate and make progress alongside their peers. We encourage our students to be as big a part of the mainstream school as possible, and want the provision to be an emotionally secure place for our students at times where they may find aspects of mainstream school demanding.

At present, we have 16 students in our provision, with a capacity of 3 spaces per KS3/KS4 academic year group. We currently have two open-plan spaces and two classrooms where intervention/booster groups are taught, or where students can work independently if they need a low-sensory environment to learn in.

The Resource Base also includes:

  • Fold-away computers

  • A dedicated sensory room

  • An Inclusion office

  • A separate entrance and exit

  • Student toilets

  • Direct access to the Year 7 playground

  • Booths for individual work

Together with the mainstream curriculum, we run a corresponding curriculum based on student need. We can provide speech and language groups, social skills sessions, buddy systems, anxiety groups and ELSA sessions.

If you are interested in the provision and would like more information, or would like to organise a visit, please contact our Resource Base Leader, Ms O'Gorman, on 0207 928 6801 or by email on no'