Examinations can be a stressful time for both pupils and parents and it is important to us that you are kept as well informed as possible. Both our teachers and examination staff will make every effort to ensure that our pupils receive the best possible preparation for their exams and that the exams are conducted in a way that will help our pupils achieve their best potential.

With this in mind please click on the link below to the JCQ website which provides detailed instructions and guidance documents specifically outlining the procedures and what is expected throughout the examination period, together with some additional information that both parents and pupils may also find beneficial?

I hope you find this website informative towards you and your child's preparation during these stressful periods within the school academic year.

JCQ Examination Information

London Nautical School - Centre Policy for A/AS Levels and GCSE for Summer 2021

Link for National Performance tables and comparison information


Exam boards and revision guides for Years 10 and 12

Latest Results

2022 Results Statement

KS4 -

2021/2022 Outcomes - KS4

2018/2019 Outcomes  KS4

KS5 -

2021 / 2022 Outcomes - KS5

KS5 Destination Analysis
DFE Website

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