Friends of The London Nautical School

The Friends of the London Nautical School want to forge closer links between home and school. We aim to build a calendar of social events to bring parents together socially in support of the school. Have you always meant to come along, but never got round to it? Why not make this the year? We’d be delighted to meet lots of new Year 7 parents: staff are very welcome, too! We will be discussing how we can plan and organise events to enrich the life of the school and the boys’ experience there during the coming year. The more people who can help, the better they’ll be! We know you will have lots of great ideas. Tea, coffee, juice, biscuits and snacks available! If you have any questions or suggestions, do contact us at


The Friends of The London Nautical School:

  • organizes a wide range of social and fund raising events
  • holds a Summer Regatta and Barbecue
  • puts forward suggestions for school activities
  • contributes thoughts and ideas to proposals the school already has
  • provides the school with constructive criticism from a parent’s perspective on what is going on, and the systems in place, in the school
  • supports the School Sports Day by serving refreshments to parents, staff and pupils
  • produces a Survival Guide for new Year 7 parents and pupils and a KS4 Survival Guide
  • provides materials, equipment and support for events and outings not covered by statutory funding
  • meets approximately twice a term, both socially and to plan events etc., and all parents are welcome.


For further information about the PTA or any events etc., please contact us by E-mail at

The London Nautical School PTA has recently had a significant reduction in members due to the sons’ of long serving members moving on from the school. We are now made up of a very small group of parents and if we wish to continue to support the school we need to recruit.

Are you interested in having more insight into the workings of your son’s school? Would you like the opportunity to hear from teachers about what is happening in their departments? Or just want to support your child in getting the best of their time at The LNS and want to have a voice in helping to maximise their experience?

If so, are you willing to give up a small amount of your free time to come along and give some input to the PTA? There is no minimum, even attendance to one meeting a year, volunteering to support a school event or input via email would be of benefit to us.

We are also currently looking for a Secretary, Chair and Treasurer to take over from parents whose children will soon be leaving the school.

If you would like more information, or are willing to get involved, the next PTA meeting will be in the conference room at school, 5pm-6:30pm on Thursday 25th February 2016. We will be holding the PTA AGM and discussing our new role as the 'Friends of The London Nautical School'. We would love your contribution to this process and invite you to come along and be a part of it.

We will also set dates for future meetings in 2016.

Most meetings are held in The LNS Conference room starting at 5pm and a teaching representative for the school will be invited. We do also meet locally outside the school premises usually between 6pm to 7.30pm for those parents who cannot make the earlier meetings at school.

There will also be lots of opportunities to get involved with the centenary events planned for the school over the coming year.

We would greatly appreciate any contribution, no matter how small that you feel you can make, and would warmly invite you come along and play a part in our future.

Please email us, or ask the school to give us your contact details, if you can help.

Best Wishes
Katie Spencer
On behalf of The LNS PTA